Alaina Schwartz
Alaina Schwartz Alaina Schwartz graduated with a degree in education from Trevecca. Though teaching music with Metro Nashville Public Schools is her passion, it’s her side hustle starting Caliber Coffee in Donelson with her husband that got her nominated for the GLOW Awards. Schwartz and her husband, Keith, had no money, no trust fund, no investors, but they felt a calling to do something in their community. They found a coffee shop in the area that was closing, and – on a whim – opened Caliber Coffee with the goal of making it a welcoming place for people to gather and connect. The coffee shop has become just that. It is a hidden gem because of the way Alaina and her husband give selflessly to meet the needs of others. They have created a safe and happy environment for people to gather and enjoy life. Alaina and her husband are both genuine people who really care and do good for the community through frequent charity events and more.