Tiffany Hyde
Tiffany Hyde Tiffany launched the Nursing Education Honors program at Ravenwood High School. After teaching the program for eight years, she yielded a 100 percent pass rate of students for the Certified Nursing Assistant exam. As a registered nurse, she has worked in pediatrics and adult medicine and maintains advanced cardiac life support, pediatric life support and CPR certifications. She is a student for life, keeping up with the latest discoveries in healthcare. When she’s not working in an emergency room, Tiffany is on call as an emergency medical responder and firefighter for the Arrington Volunteer Fire Department. Her personal car is equipped with emergency sirens and lights and she responds to emergency calls by night and day, totaling around 300 calls per year. When answering med calls, she showcases a compassionate attitude toward patients, knowing most by their first names. Tiffany’s passion as a volunteer firefighter encouraged her son to also volunteer at Arrington Fire and Rescue and they enjoy making runs together. She’s a loyal, honest, supportive, and caring friend--and a hero to all.